Clubs of HHS: The New Botany Club

Courtesy of Connecticut College at

Courtesy of Connecticut College at

By Elizabeth Kim

For this school year in Huntley High School, there’s a new club called Botany Club for 2018. This club is based on the environment and learning about the growth of plants, DIY project for home decor, painting flowers, plant studies, projects, field trips etc.

This club is made by twins Matthew and Elizabeth Kim who are both juniors at HHS. In the beginning, this club was originally named the Garden Club, but was changed multiple times till the right name was decided; the decision for the name of the club being one of the hardest challenges for the club.

The sponsor for the Botany club is Mr. Bertelsman who teaches a Botany class at HHS. It’s a great fit for him to be the sponsor for Botany Club because he has a lot of experience with plants and knows a lot of information to share with the students.

Matthew and Elizabeth have huge amounts of plants at their home with a variety of different species; plant collecting is their passion.

The main purpose of the creation of this club was to educate students about the different types of plants in our world and how they can be proactive in preserving our dying environment.

They believe that every student can have a connection or interest about plants and nature. From this club they hope it will make people be more aware of the environment and living organisms and be more mindful.

This club has a lot of freedom and there’s a variety of diverse students in this club. This club is a lot of fun and everyone who’s a member is kind and very open towards others.

Botany Club is so much more than a bunch of students studying the life of plants. It is about the socializing and interacting of students to the point where they can reach a stage of appreciation for the environment that is overlooked by the general public.

A lot of new friends are made in this club based on the welcoming students and the environment.

In Botany Club, there will be rewards for the most devoted members which will be analyzed through different projects such as the painting plant pots and propagating spider plants. Botany Club is a club where students will never stop the continuous journey of knowledge concerning the secrets of plant life.

The Botany Club has grown tremendously from five students on August 27 to currently more than 10 students. Every day there are more new faces coming through door C1023, with current members bringing in their friends to experience the unique club design of HHS’s Botany Club.

The significance of environmental awareness is crucial in this day and age and the path Botany Club is creating for students will allow these new pioneers to inspire the world around them and make the caring for nature not just a HHS priority, but eventually a world priority.