The Art of Music: Peyton Siegler shares her story

Jordyn Grist

Cello. Piano. Guitar. Ukulele. Four different instruments combined into one, singular passion for music.

Freshman Peyton Siegler discovered her love of music in fifth grade, when the sixth grade band and orchestra teachers brought over instruments for her to test out. She was immediately drawn to the cello, her first instrument.

In sixth grade, she followed by learning the piano.

Jordyn Grist

“I actually started teaching myself how to play [piano] so that I could start to read music and play complicated pieces,” Siegler said. “If I couldn’t understand something, I would find a piano and try to play the same notes. It eventually led to me just learning how to play.”

In eighth grade, ukulele; just a month ago, she started practicing guitar. But it all links back to when she first discovered the string instruments.

“In the back of my mind, I always thought guitar would be interesting, but I never would have pursued it if I didn’t play cello,” Siegler said.

Through playing music, Siegler not only found more instruments to try out, but she also discovered something unique about herself.

“I have this neurological condition, Synthesia, so I can see color when I play. It was really cool experiencing it, so I stuck with music,” Siegler said.

With each note–a rush of color–a soothing sound.

The HHS Orchestra program is new, but Siegler is excited to see it flourish. She especially hopes for new after-school clubs and new orchestra classes.

However, when she finishes her education at HHS, Siegler has bigger plans for the future.

“With cello, I’d love to take it further. I really have a hope to go to a music school,” Siegler said. “I think it’d be really fun to travel the world while playing in an orchestra. A big goal of mine is to travel the world and learn about different cultures and people, and I think that music can take me to the places I want to go to.”