Should teenagers trick or treat?


E. Richardson

Erin Richardson

When you’re a kid, Halloween is one of the greatest days of the year. You go to school and put your backpack in your cubby, fix your princess or Spider Man costume, and then get ready for a great day filled with festivities that include excessive amounts of candy. After school, you get to go home and run around the orange and red leaf covered sidewalks, hopping from door to door with your friends, with the hopes of getting a king size Kit Kat. Life is good. Life is great. 

But then you grow up. No more costumes, no more candy, and no more childhood. 

Trick or Treating has been an American tradition for over a century and the tradition includes; kids running around their neighborhoods with large sacks that are ready to be filled with different varieties of candy. The phrase “trick or treat” was coined and the custom had been firmly established in American culture by 1951, when trick-or-treating was shown in the Peanuts comic strip. 

However, some towns in America have an official age limit of 12 and under for trick or treating and those older who are caught, could be fined or jailed. Should this be the case?

When talking to senior Zyana Cola, she sees Halloween as a day to be creative and to have a good time with friends.

 “I feel like teens should still be able to do it without feeling weird about it. We think we’re too old for it, but we’re just kids still. I don’t see the issue with it. Honestly, if my friends asked me to go Trick-or-Treating, I’d be down to go,” Cola said. 

However, senior Josh Zerkel believes it’s a time for the creeps of the world to come out and pray on innocent children. 

 “I don’t think it’s safe for children to be around teenagers, especially when it’s dark out. There isn’t a lot of parent supervision and teenagers could do harm to the children,” Zerkel said. 

With the world changing everyday, it’s time for teenagers and even adults to step out of their comfort zones and relive their childhood one last time. Halloween is a day for people to become a different persona and there should be no age limit or restrictions to those wanting a creative and fun outlet.