“Terminator: Dark Fate” brings redemption to classic action series

By Ayman Mirkhan

The end. A thought that daunts us all but yet entices us at the same time. What will the cause of it be? Disease? World War? terminators? This curiosity is what inspires iconic film series such as the terminator legacy. 

“Terminator: Dark Fate” is the latest installment of the classic movie series which certainly brings justice to the classic ‘80s films. 

Casting had a clever blend between original and upcoming stars. Original terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger and exemplary heroine Linda Hamilton have the audience go on a trip down memory lane while performances from stars Natalie Reyes and Mackenzie Davis display the talent of upcoming actors/actresses. 

After the second film of the series, the terminator movies have always had trouble maintaining a stable story that intrigues the audience. From “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” to “Terminator: Genisys,” every installment other than the first two films has been an absolute flop. 

However, “Terminator: Dark Fate” made an end to this cycle of awful sequels by producing a captivating movie both terminator and non-terminator fans can enjoy. 

Stunningly produced action scenes with an appropriate balance of humor and unique plot is what allowed this film to rise up beyond the other failed films. In addition to the plot and overall action, the input of solid acting implemented more tense moments throughout the film. 

Though, every film has its drawbacks. Some may disagree saying this was a good decision, however, the film was not congruent with the other films after “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” which led to slight confusion to original fans of the series. 

One very important factor when playing a terminator is the simple fact that you’re not playing a human. The apathy of heartless, killing machine can only be captured by few, but antagonist Gabriel Luna did a fantastic job. 

He presented a great mix between lifelessness and terminator-like charisma to instill fear into the protagonists. However, as fantastic as a job he did, nothing can quite compare to the stellar performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the original “Terminator.” 

The first film was more thriller than action and the way Schwarzenegger was able to control the tone of the film throughout the entire movie is one of the many reasons why ‘80s hit is considered a classic. 

All in all, this series has dealt with quite a few bumps in the road. After “Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” there was much trouble producing a movie that could live up to the performance of that classic. However, through trial and error, they finally did it. “Terminator: Dark Fate” redeems the failures of the past and opens a new avenue of opportunity for the series.