“Onward” is a fantastic family-friendly film

By Amanda Brooks

The movie “Onward” took a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons and put it on the big screen for all ages to enjoy. Ian (played by Tom Holland) and Barley (played by Chris Pratt) spend the movie trying to bring their dad back from the dead for 24 hours. The two brothers cast spells, have fights, but most importantly, have eachothers’ backs. “Onward” is entertaining and captures the real struggles of life.

Barley is the typical “troubled child.” Before Ian was born, Barley had to become the man of the house after his father passed away. Barley gets caught up in magic, quests, and fantasies. Once Ian is born, Ian spends his whole life longing for his dad.

When Ian turns 16, his mom gives him a magic staff, which happened to be a present from his dad. With the staff, came a spell. This spell was able to bring back Barley and Ian’s dad for 24 hours. While Ian tries to perform the spell, something goes wrong and the brothers are left with just the bottom half of their father. 

In the 24 hours they have, they drive, walk, and boat hundreds of miles following a map given to them in order to find the stone to finish the spell.

“Onward” does a phenomenal job balancing the humor and the seriousness of the movie. Holland and Pratt have such a great connection and you can tell by listening to them act. Their chemistry is really what made the whole movie. Pratt and Holland were also able to capture the truth behind being a teenager. The two brothers fought and turned on each other, but by the end, they realized that they were each other’s best friends.

Normally with any movie, people can pick out some holes in the plot, but not in “Onward.” Everything tied together in the end and the story was fascinating. The movie made you feel like you couldn’t look away or you’d miss something. The entire movie the theater was engaged; there was laughing, crying, and cheers. 

By the end of the movie, you were able to connect with each character and feel their pain, happiness, and hope. 

“Onward” deserves 3.5/4 stars. There is not one bad thing I can pick out in this movie. If you get the chance, you should definitely go see it. It’s a great family friendly movie and it’s very well-written.