Should we wear masks and gloves in public?


courtesy to Mia Terranova

By Taylor Calame

 Getting in the car, driving around town, and looking out your side window you see your fellow neighbors geared up wearing gloves and a mask to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Grocery store shelves are completely empty and bare. Not a single cleaning supply to be seen. Floor tape and signs are put in specific places to allow customers guidance through the store while shopping for limited groceries. 

As Coronavirus is continuing to rapidly spread throughout the entire globe, the United States is taking great precautions for its citizens. Although many recommendations have been instructed, wearing face masks and gloves is one many citizens are enacting. 

On April 3, 2020, Kelly Bauer from Block Club Chicago interviewed Illinois state Governor J.B. Pritzker to reveal his opinion on face masks in public. 

“Really just something to cover your nose and mouth out of courtesy to those around you in case you’re one of those who are symptomatic or pre-symptomatic and could be spreading the virus. Wearing a face mask is just one more way that we can help take care of one another in our state,” Illinois state Governor J.B Pritzker said. 

Since that date, Coronavirus cases have skyrocketed in Illinois and the demand for sanitary products and protective gear has increased even more. At first, officials suggested that wearing a mask only protected infected people from spreading the virus. Now officials suggest everyone wear a mask when they are away from home. 

On Friday April 24, 2020 Governor J.B Pritzker ordered all Illinois citizens who are out in public must wear face masks or at least fabric to cover a person’s mouth and nose. 

I think many people in our community view this order differently and may or may not take it seriously. I think that people will start to realize how serious this virus is and start taking greater precautions. 

“I think wearing masks when I’m in public is really important and it is such a small thing to do. You could potentially save lives. It might be annoying to wear, but the advantages far outweigh the consequences,” senior Sarahi Barcenas. 

Walking in parking lots, around the neighborhood, and in public settings, people may see the pavement and greenery are covered in plastic gloves and masks. It is very upsetting to see these items not disposed properly and our community becoming trashed. 

It is up to us to keep parks and public places clean. Many families in our community are taking their part by cleaning up littered masks and gloves as well making more masks and gloves out of household fabrics. 

Mia Terranova is a senior at Huntley High School. During quarantine she is spending her time giving back to the community by making handmade face masks out of leftover fabric in her home. 

“I started making masks about 2 weeks ago. I have never sewed before, but I wanted to donate them to the doctors and nurses at the hospital. I have made over 150 masks and I have been making them out of extra fabric I have had in my house,” senior Mia Terranova said.

Simple acts of kindness can truly make a difference. Our health care officials are truly thankful for their community’s participation. The Huntley community is in this together to make a difference and stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

I think wearing face masks in public for the suggested amount of time is important and will benefit our community and help flatten the curve.