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The Voice

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Behind the scenes of a hobby

By Sarah Reilly
December 7, 2020

Even before quarantine, being stuck at home was boring. You have nothing to do and your friends can not hang out. You can not drive because your brother...

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Should we wear masks and gloves in public?

By Taylor Calame
April 28, 2020

 Getting in the car, driving around town, and looking out your side window you see your fellow neighbors geared up wearing gloves and a mask to protect...

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How to shop for groceries online

By Nicole Darnall
April 26, 2020

Food. Meat, vegetables, grains, fruit, and dairy. It is on everyone’s mind at least three times a day. For many it can be more. Food can make you feel...

The BOE holds their first virtual meeting

The BOE holds their first virtual meeting

By Kate Alvarado
April 19, 2020

On Thursday, April 16, the Board of Education held its first virtual meeting via Zoom. While navigating technical difficulties, they were able to discuss...

A view of post-COVID-19 grocery shopping

A view of post-COVID-19 grocery shopping

By Ashley Reilly
April 14, 2020

Walking into the grocery store, customers grab carts and baskets. Some customers are carrying children with them and others are talking on cell phones....

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The rundown of the new e-learning grading

By Emma Gribbens
April 7, 2020

Due to the students being out for an extended period of time, our district and principal, Marcus Belin, have put in a grading system to help the students....

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