Behind the scenes of a hobby

Courtesy of Sarah Reilly

Courtesy of J. Quevedo

By Sarah Reilly

Even before quarantine, being stuck at home was boring. You have nothing to do and your friends can not hang out. You can not drive because your brother has the car, so instead of wallowing in boredom, you find the entire Star Wars script and read it. Then, you spend the rest of the day learning how to write scripts and studying film language.
This is how Jeremias Quevedo spent one boring evening last year. Since then, Quevedo has written 12 scripts, all ranging from 30 to 112 pages long. His first script was a parody of Star Wars. He worked on it with his friend Raihan Clutter. They both work on the scripts together.
“I tried writing something normal, and it failed,” Quevedo said.
A lot of Quevedo’s writing is a play on existing games and movies. He is inspired by TV, movies, and video games. One of his latest projects is a detective story. It follows a town of crime and murder. He has cast this movie and now wants to start filming.
“It fully shows an investigation at times,” Quevedo said.
Quevedo hopes that he can bring his scripts to producers and make this a living. He wants to share his work with people. Quevedo currently works on directing and writing the scripts. If he can, he likes to be a small part of them. It is a lot harder to direct a scene that you are acting in.
“You’re focusing on yourself so you can’t direct the actors,” Quevedo said.
Quevedo has also acted in the One Act Festival. He spends time making videos and animating with friends. They all enjoy playing games and being unapologetically themselves. He believes that one day, one of the scripts written by him will be turned into a movie or a series. He has the motivation to get there, spending nights and days writing scripts.
Quevedo did the research to figure out why scripts had specific symbols or notes. He found out how to properly use them. The only thing that confuses him is line numbers. Quevedo has dedicated a lot of time to perfecting his scripts, and it is likely that one day you will see his name on the big screen.