Trendy Christmas gifts


courtesy of LibreShot

By Gretchen Sweeney

A few weeks before Christmas, snuggled up on the couch with a cup of warm hot cocoa, it strikes. No list was made of items that were particularly desirable. Starting to panic, there is also confusion on what to get friends or family for Christmas. There is always hope that someone will guess, or to solve the problem, make a list with some of these popular ideas. 

  1. Skylight. The skylight projects a galaxy, usually in blue, onto the ceiling. It pairs perfectly with LED lights and adds a calming but vibey spice to plain room decor. This gift is perfect for the night owls as it is best used at night to enjoy a starry night right in the bedroom. The price is around $50  and can be found on Amazon.
  2. Comfy socks. These can be a cheap option for a gift or a stocking-stuffer. From just a pair to 12 pairs or just plain white to Christmas themed, there is a large variety. Cabin socks are a thick pair of fuzzy socks that are efficient for the cold winter months. They can be purchased at almost any store. The prices of these vary depending on where and how many are purchased. 
  3. The Comfy. This is a thick blanket that is worn like a sweatshirt and has a sheep-like fur lining on the inside with a smooth blanket on the outside. It is perfect for lounging around the house on a cold day and there are many color options, but the most popular is a navy blue. The price can vary from $30-$60. 
  4. Squishamellows. These have taken many stores by storm in the last few months. They are soft but squishy stuffed animals that are in an oval shape. There are dozens of animals and objects to choose from, varying from a cow to a Christmas tree. These are perfect decorations for a room or a gift for younger children. They come in 7 different sizes: 3.5” clip-on, 5”, 8”, 12”, 13”, 16”, and 20”. The prices range from $5-$30. 
  5. Phone cases. This is a basic gift idea that people can never get enough of. Designed phone cases have become more popular in recent years. Brands like Wildflower produce good quality cases with trendy designs for $35. You can find a phone case at just about any store ranging from many prices. 
  6. Record player. For music lovers, this is an exquisite gift idea. It can bring a retro but trendy look to a room. Throwing in a few vinyls from a favorite artist can also be a great addition to this present. These can range from $40-$150.
  7. Money/gift cards. If worse comes to worse and none of these options satisfy, a solid option is always money, a visa gift card, or a gift card to a favorite store. These allow you to shop all the post-holiday season sales. 

While all of these are great options, the best gifts are ones that come from the heart and are meaningful to the other person. Maybe one of these popular gifts will suit friends or family.