Stop animal breeding



Izzi Kellas

When adopting pets, it is common to find exactly what you are looking for, but at what cost. When looking for the perfect pet, people often look for a specific breed, which usually can only be found with breeders. Breeders cause a number of problems; starting with overpopulation. 

The overpopulation of dogs is a problem because there are naturally many dogs, but with the added amount of breaded cats, the unwanted animals become victims of euthanasia. Euthanizing is the act of putting a dog or cat to death. Many shelters have to do it on a daily basis because they do not have enough space for those animals or there are not enough resources. 3 million dogs have fallen victim to each year in the US alone. 

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, virtually no breeders require every puppy or kitten they sell to be spayed or neutered. These animals can soon have litters of their own, further exacerbating the overpopulation crisis.  

Another concern involving breeders is the health of their cats and dogs. Specific breeds do not go together and can cause the animal serious health issues. According to PETA, Dachshunds have unnaturally long spinal columns that often cause back problems, including disc disease. 

Another example with dogs and cats is dwarfism, also known as teacup dogs, which have an increased risk of developing spinal abnormalities and intervertebral disk disease that can cause the animal to have a lot of back problems.

Finally, the breeding of purebreds is dangerous. Purebreds often have health issues due to inherited diseases and because of their bodies ‘ frames and shapes. For example, hip dysplasia in large breeds such as the German Shepherds and the Saint Bernards.   

A way that people can change this problem is by donating money to shelters that do not have enough resources. Also people can help by fostering animals until they can find a forever home. 

There is also a program to help dogs who have terminal illnesses by becoming their hospice fostering. As well as not purchasing any purebreds or animals from breeders.

Additionally, you can adopt animals that do not look normal or might have physical features that might deter them from getting a home.  We need to make this a priority to our lawmakers that this is not good for the environment and that breeding should become illegal.