What to watch next: “Interstellar”


Courtesy of Flickr.com

By Alex Hartleb

Space: the final frontier. In director Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sci-fi film, this frontier is explored in a well-thought-out, delicate manner as humanity tries to save itself from impending demise. 

“Interstellar” takes place in the near future and follows a single father named Cooper who is played by Matthew McConaughey. Cooper is an ex-science engineer and pilot now working as a farmer in a world plagued with sandstorms, famines, and droughts. As food starts to run out and people begin to realize that life on Earth is coming to an end, Cooper is tasked with leaving his family and joining a group of scientists to journey through a wormhole to find humanities saving grace: a planet suitable for human life. 

Now this task is particularly difficult for Cooper, not only because the people of Earth are relying on him and the crew for survival, but also because he has to leave his son and daughter behind with their grandfather. Cooper’s children are still able to communicate with him through video messages, but due to the relationship between time and gravity, he must watch as his family grows older than him. 

One aspect that I have always appreciated about “Interstellar” is the realism behind all the science. While there are some unrealistic portions, the core stays true to the science of space and its surrounding physics. Even how light reflects off the crew’s spacesuits is done accurately, and that tiny attention to detail is something I have always respected about Nolan’s work. 

Another element that always elevates Nolan films is the soundtrack. They are usually composed by Hans Zimmer, one of my favorite theatrical composers. In this case, Zimmer does a spectacular job creating both a dramatic and suspenseful soundtrack that can either remain calm or quickly intensify, helping to set the tone for many scenes. 

“Interstellar” takes its time setting up all the pieces and with a runtime of roughly 2 hours and 49 minutes, the film does start a tad bit slow. But the instant that the crew launches off into space, things start to skyrocket and troubles arise, making it worth the slower start. Not everything goes according to plan as the crew is presented with many dangerous situations that will keep you wondering what happens next. Cooper also starts to learn that there is a secret plan that he was not made aware of, making him question why he even left his family in the first place. 

For fans of the sci-fi genre, I would highly recommend watching “Interstellar.” With beautiful visuals, an outstanding soundtrack, and tons of suspense, this is definitely one you will not forget.