Boys volleyball give their all against St. Viator


Jacey Sola, Staffer

The sounds of cheers, grunts, and hoorays were very present during the boys varsity volleyball game on May 11. The boys gave it their all against St. Viator in such a competitive and high energy game. 

Lots of people came to support the team in the east gym. Masks and social distancing were required and before entering the gym, people were asked to go through spectator signup. Coach Marchand and the rest of the team had high hopes for the game. 

“We’re coming off of our best weekend ever, going 3-0 at Grayslake Central. Hopefully that momentum continues tonight. I’m also hoping we max out the covid capacity of the east gym and the boys can feed off that energy” Marchand said. 

The first set started with a serve that won Huntley its first point. St. Viator came back strong with five consecutive points, making the game 1-5. Huntley continued to push through and overcome St. Viator’s amazing offense, but still trailed behind. From 1-5, the score went from 2-5, 6-8, 8-11, 11-16, 12-19, with Huntley continually trailing behind. In the final moments of the first set, Huntley tried its best to stay in the game, but St. Viator finished strong. The final score of the first set was 18-23.

The second set began with Huntley serving first. The boys knew that if they wanted to stay in the game and have a chance of winning, they had to win this set. Huntley started strong with a fast serve that split the defense, garnering a point. St. Viator fired back with another point to tie the game. The opposing team serve was able to be sent back and bounced on the floor, getting Huntley its second point. The score was then 2-2. 

Huntley continued to maintain the lead scoring three more points, making the score 5-2. St. Viator came back strong, scoring a consecutive eight points, making the score 5-10. The game continued with St. Viator in the lead. The score went from 5-10 to 6-12, to 8-13, and to 11-17, with Huntley trailing. Huntley continued to give it their all as they scored 4 consecutive points making the game 15-17. 

The game remained fairly close with the scores going from 15-17 to 15-20, then 16-21. Huntley and St. Viator kept on trading points every position. 16-22, then 17-22, then 17-23, then 18-23. St. Viator, only needing two more points to win, were in a very safe spot. Huntley scored again making it 19-23. St. Viator then scored, making the game 19-24. St. Viator ended it with a strong serve that penetrated the defense, making the final score 19-25. St. Viator won the second set, and won the game.

“I guess we could have beaten them if we brought more energy, if our plays were there, if we worked a little harder, and if we wanted that game. I think we were all just a little tired and we just weren’t there today, but hopefully Thursday’s game will be better,” sophomore Jayden Bell said.

The boys truly tried their best to beat St. Viator, but just came a little short. The team will have a chance to redeem themselves in their game against Elgin on Thursday, May 13.