The Cycle of Masterminds

Courtesy of (CC BY 2.0)

Courtesy of (CC BY 2.0)

By Bailey Lim

The gory, torture-signed, franchise going by “Saw” comes back with a bang in the movie “Spiral: From the Book of Saw.” The franchise of horror films made are known for the torture, guilty people are put through by justice-seeking masterminds. Of course, it is known that the acts of the masterminds are morally wrong, but in their minds, they are saving the world from criminals.

The opening scene of “Spiral” gives fans the nostalgia of the “Saw” franchise by introducing a corrupt cop, who is led into a trap that makes him decide to either lose his life or make a decision that leads to self-harm. The gruesome and bloody trap is just what fans needed to be hooked onto the story of this film.

In the past films, the original mastermind, John Kramer, creates his first set of victims who he thinks are responsible for his colon cancer. He has gathered these seemingly innocent bystanders to place them in situations where they need to make the right decision to save their own lives. 

The “Saw” franchise has many sequels that add to the story of the gory, traditional, yet signature torture that John Kramer has put others through. There is always a new mastermind, who carries on John’s legacy by placing their victimizers through impossible decisions whilst still including the perfect amount of plot twists and gore.

“Spiral: From the Book of Saw” was released on May 14, with enormous expectations for following the other legendary films. The movie creates a new perspective for the franchise by showing the story of the entire police force hunting down this “jigsaw copycat” by following leads on the mysterious deaths over the city.

The storyline of placing the hints dropped in backgrounds or in front of our main character, Detective Banks, is intriguing and makes fans want to keep their eyes on the screen to not miss any hidden elements, even though it is horrific to watch each torture scene without looking away.

Director Darren Bousman did an astounding job bringing back the theme and story of “Saw” while adding his modernized signature to the franchise. Well-known actors, such as Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock, even star as main characters in the film.

“Spiral” was overall a great add-on to the “Saw” films, and it had a great concept to wrap up what the franchise is all about. It was able to bring together the amount of gore the films used, the backstory of major plot points, and even an ending that leaves watchers in suspense. “Spiral: From the Book of Saw” is a movie that will leave fans asking for more.