“Locke and Key” second season: the mysteries continue

Viewers left spellbound by the Netflix original’s thrilling next chapter


Season 2 of “Locke and Key” premiered on Oct. 22 (Courtesy of pxfuel)

By Molly Balmes

When “Locke and Key” premiered on Netflix in early 2020, the series left viewers captivated by its interesting characters, twisting plot, and cliffhanger season ending. The series follows a traumatized family, the Lockes, as they move to their deceased father’s family home known as Keyhouse. 

Bode, the youngest child, immediately hears odd whispers in the home which leads him to a mysterious key and a bizarre woman hiding in the Well House outside the main home. His older siblings, Tyler and Kinsey, do not believe him until they see it for themselves.

The key that Bode found, along with others that are later discovered in the show, are magical items that unlock special powers. But these keys come with a dangerous price: Dodge, a cruel demon from another world, is willing to do anything to get the keys from the Locke family. 

At the end of season one, two of the Lockes’ friends are revealed to be these key-seeking demons and Kinsey’s new boyfriend, Gabe, turns out to be Dodge. The sinister ending notes of the season one finale leave the audience on a cliffhanger, wondering what the next season holds for them. 

Season two answers some of the questions posed in season one and asks many more. The season has a much darker, more gruesome feel than its predecessor and is unafraid to lean into gore and terrifying themes. Dodge has more opportunities to shine as the villain and makes the plot an electric thrill ride.

The cinematography of this season feels more focused and artistic, utilizing camera tricks and angles to foreshadow and emphasize ideas. The plot similarly improves from the previous season with the scarier themes complementing the established world stunningly. 

Some attempts to engage the viewer and change things up bog down the plot but not for long. “Locke and Key” overcomes the sophomore season slump with a fresh new look at the dangers of the keys rather than relying on the whimsy of the first season. 

Overall, “Locke and Key” is a fantastic watch and season two builds on the previous season artfully with a plot that keeps viewers engaged to the final minutes. 

“Locke and Key” seasons one and two are available now on Netflix.