Trades: Make or Break?

The return of the NBA 2021-2022 season


One of the NBA’s All-Star returning players Stephen Curry shoots the ball (Keith Allison/ CC by SA 2.0).

By Bailey Lim

The return of the NBA 2021-22 season has sparked spirit in fans across the country. As time passes by, the more the NBA games are starting to feel like they are returning to normal, pre-pandemic. 

With the return of the season, there has been the return of some major players this year. There have also been some major changes in the league, giving new hope to fans in Chicago.

The fans of the Chicago Bulls are ecstatic for this season due to some major improvements in the roster. It even includes some fan-favorite players such as Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, and Zach LaVine. 

The drafts, free agencies, and trades have seemed to have a large impact on the league this year. The first pick of the season was Cade Cunningham to the Detroit Pistons. The second pick was Jalen Green to the Houston Rockets. The third pick of the season was Evan Mobley to the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The rookies who were picked in the first-round drafts are predicted to be exceptional and might really make a difference in the league. Some teams are trading their star players in order to maintain a spot in the first-round drafts to get a taste of this new generation. The newer players are destined to bring a new flavor to give the fans.

The return of some players due to injuries of last season will really impact the start of this season. With the return of All-Star players such as Stephen Curry, the league is reintroduced to the limitless potential and possibilities one can hold.

The current standings in the league seem drastically different in comparison to the previous season. In the Eastern Conference, the Chicago Bulls are in the lead 3-0. In first place in the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors shine once again after the return of fan-favorite players.

This new NBA season is off to an impressive and seat-clenching start as teams compete to grasp victory over others. Fans are excited to ride this captivating journey to the playoffs.