New Vanguard Teacher Takes On The Beginning of the Year

New Physics Vanguard teacher Robert Adamczyk starts in the fall with an intriguing background.


New Physics Vanguard teacher Robert Adamczyk (G. Sweeney).

Gretchen Sweeney

Both a vanguard student and Robert Adamczyk have the same look of excitement and relief on their faces. The student had finally figured out a checkpoint and was getting the hang of it. She leaves with a smile and Adamczyk gives her a thumbs up. This is what makes teaching worth it for this new physics vanguard teacher. 

“Searching for these when ‘the light bulb goes off’ moments is what I find challenging but when it happens it’s why I got into teaching in the first place,” Adamczyk said. 

He was hired a week before the school year started and had no idea what Vanguard was before he got the job. The program fit his goals and techniques as a teacher and he is thriving now. 

“He takes time to teach and doesn’t rush you, if you are confused then he will take the time to make it right,” sophomore Ben Majer said. 

“The goal is to teach the students how to problem solve and think critically in the real world without guidance,” Adamczyk said.  “If I can do that then the sky’s the limit.”

After doing volunteer work at a men’s alcoholic addiction recovery home for years, he has real-world experience with guidance and mentoring people. 

“He doesn’t get frustrated very easily and he’s very understanding when it comes to missing something or being absent. He always makes sure we know what we’re doing and he goes out of his way to make class something that’s fun and we can look forward to,” sophomore Callen Hogberg said.

Doing this work and helping people get back on their feet was his inspiration to get his masters to teach. He got his masters in teaching and bachelors in sports management from the University of Kansas.

He started substituting in Crystal Lake in Feb. 2020, two weeks before we went into COVID-19 quarantine. 

His dad worked at a construction company growing up. Since he could not teach, Adamczyk used the skills his dad taught him at a young age and worked diligently at a machine shop that did custom work. 

Adamczyk enjoys football and baseball and while he is here he hopes to take up a coaching position.

Besides sports, in his free time he has taken up on learning the piano for the last few years. He also spends time with his girlfriend, experiences nature, and sees concerts. He prefers rock and alternative music as his favorite band for years was Linkin Park.