“Attack on Titan” season four leaves anime fans wanting more

MAPPA stuns the community by their outstanding talent of animating.

By Bailey Lim

“Attack on Titan” returns, resuming the storyline of an unfinished fourth season after almost an entire year of fans left waiting. Season four, part two begins with highly anticipated scenes, blowing the minds of any of the viewers watching.

The storyline of “Attack on Titan,” follows our main character, Eren Jaeger, with his pursuit of freedom beyond the overwhelmingly tall walls of his homeland. After a tragic event, the titans breaching the walls and attacking his home as a child, Eren proceeds to live his dream and join the military in hopes of exploring the outside world. 

Season four begins with a time skip after the major events from the first three seasons. It begins with a war across the sea, showing the perspective of our story’s enemies, trying to make us feel sympathy toward what they face. During the bonds we create with the other side, our protagonist, Eren, seemingly becomes the villain and repeats the exact cruelty that happened to him.

With the destruction of a town in Marley, the declaration of war is made against the people of Eldia, Eren’s homeland, and the attack on the people of the walls. The season shows how the people of Marley grew up believing the people of Eldia were devils, a threat, and had no intent other than danger. 

As Marley brings together their military in order to make a surprise attack on Eldia, the part 2 of season 4 begins with an all-out brawl between the two sides. All of the characters in the show are conflicted, not knowing who to trust. 

The story continues as our protagonist reveals his true, but good, intentions of his powers, and viewers are left stunned by the jaw-dropping cliffhangers at the end of each episode. 

MAPPA, the animation company in Japan, has been known to be one of the most talented companies when it comes to animating shows. Their performance so far during the fourth season of “Attack on Titan” blew past everyone’s standards as they continue to blow the minds of fans.

With the season still being continued, fans are left wondering how the story will end, knowing all the possibilities and paths the show has left to offer.