Angel among the strings

Junior Melanie Gyorke is a kind-hearted person, and passionate violinist.


Courtesy of M. Gyorke

Melanie Gyorke playing the violin at a general orchestra concert.

By Maria Loiseau

With a heart of gold and the music skills of a genius, Melanie Gyorke has dedicated much of her adolescence to mastering the violin. According to Gyorke, she has been playing the violin since she was in 5th grade when the middle school band visited the elementary schools with an arrangement of options. 

While Gyorke played violin for 3 years at Marlowe Middle School, she also continued her career in an outside orchestra. 

“I started playing in 6th grade at the middle school, so that would be 5 or 6 years. The company that runs the orchestra is Encore Music Academy, and I have been in that for 2 years,” Melanie Gyorke said. “To be part of an ensemble and make music that’s bigger than just myself is something that is really cool to do, so I think that’s what drew me in in the first place.”

Music has impacted Gyorke in a way even off stage by giving her more assurance in herself, and her abilities.

“I think it has given her confidence in herself as a musician, and I think it has pushed her to try more challenging music and skills,” Kelly Gyorke, Melanie’s mom, said.

Not only is Gyorke a very talented musician, but she is very involved, and has many academic achievements. She is involved with many extracurricular activities, some of which include Best Buddies Club, where she is the club’s vice president, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Also, she takes on a heavy class load by being enrolled in AP U.S. History, Dual Credit English, etc.

To add on top of her skills, both musically and academically, Gyorke is an overall good-natured person who cares deeply about the needs of others. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it. 

“Melanie is extremely kind and caring, and also attentive and hard-working. When we would spend 12 hours at the school for plays and musicals, Melanie always checked in on me to make sure I was taking care of myself. That woman gives and gives, she is a giver,” junior Steven Rogers, a friend of Gyorke, said.

Through and through, Gyorke is a dedicated student. Not only is she dedicated to her orchestra, but also to her academic achievements, and the needs of others. She also plans on continuing playing the violin through some sort of community group, and into her adult years.