Playing from the heart, encouraging smiles

Senior violist Logan Stewart is a talented and key part of orchestra, sparking happiness whenever he plays



Logan Stewart plays the viola for his Philharmonic Orchestra class.

By Sara Gebka

During sixth hour, many students are enjoying their lunch and hanging out with their friends. Over the overlapping roars of students and varying conversations, a soft and subtle musical sound can be heard among the crowd. A sound that drones on while students do not notice as they are deep in conversation unless they pause and listen. The sound is of a viola being brilliantly played by senior Logan Stewart.

Over the past seven years, Stewart has been dedicating his time to improving his skills on the viola, a string instrument that is slightly bigger than a violin. 

“I first started playing just because I had the opportunity to play in the first orchestra in the district, so that was exciting,” Stewart said. “But also, all the adults always said that they regretted not picking up an instrument in school, so I was definitely encouraged by my family as well.”

According to Stewart, he does not regret participating and playing in the school’s orchestra. He hopes that one day he will be able to make a career out of his musical talent, but he does not mind if he gets to play it recreationally. 

“It’s almost like you’re totally focused [on playing the viola], but it can also empty your head,” Stewart said. “It’s sort of therapeutic.”

Philharmonic Orchestra is one of Stewart’s classes where he can focus on his musical abilities.

“Orchestra is a really great class to just break up the day and destress. It’s not so much like the other classes I have where we have paperwork. Orchestra is a more practical class where you can just go in, play, improve, and know you don’t have to worry about it,” Stewart said.

Outside of class, Stewart practices his pieces whenever he can, whether it is during lunch, family gatherings, or on his own. 

“I think it’s fun, and people seem to love it,” Stewart said.

Currently, Stewart is enrolled in Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the more advanced orchestra classes that is provided at Huntley High School. He plays with his fellow classmates and friends, seniors Miles Kruse and Aliyah Skippergosh.

“Usually the whole orchestra plays together, and as we go along, Mr. Rollins might help a specific section for a little bit,” Stewart said. 

According to Kruse and Skippergosh, Stewart is a very sweet and sympathetic person that can brighten everyone’s day.

“Logan is very much the same type of person in and out of class. He is always saying random things and asking questions irrelevant to what is happening around him,” Kruse said. 

The three of them bond over their love for music and their long-lasting friendship that blossomed when they started orchestra together in sixth grade.

“He has a big heart, and I don’t think there’s anyone who could dislike him. He is the kind of person that will help you and show you kindness regardless of if he knows you or not,” Skippergosh said. “He is someone that you can also trust no matter what, really an honest and loyal friend.”