Anne Price’s love for helping students at HHS

Price uses past experiences to motivate her to help her students

Anne Prices strong connection with her twin encourages her to help others

C. Considine

Anne Price’s strong connection with her twin encourages her to help others

By Connor Considine

If you take a math class or go to Raider Aid for help, there is a good chance that you have seen Anne Price, either teaching a class or helping another student, maybe even you. She has been helping students since she came to the high school in 2005 and plans to continue until she retires.

“[Being a math teacher] is awesome and hard at the same time. It’s challenging and rewarding, difficult and sad at times, trying to help every student with a different deficiency or struggle and help them gain their moment on a pathway they’re about to make, in a 47-minute class with [over] 30 students, especially after the pandemic,” Price said.

It is easy for Price to make friends in the school since new teachers are always coming in, constantly increasing in the 17 years she has been in the district.

But she is not only known for her life around school, Price has two kids and is a twin. She is almost identical to her sister.

“My mom didn’t know we were having twins until [we were born]. We were from a family of five kids, and we were second-born, so we were used to having a mix of kids with pros and cons and different pecking orders, so me and my twin didn’t actually fight much. We shared a room, shared a womb, and got along pretty well,” Price said.

Price is still extremely close with her sister, valuing the extreme connection that has bonded them throughout the years.

“[We talk] excessively. We have kids 6 weeks apart and 4 months apart from each other. We live about a block and a half away from each other,” Price said.

As well as her twin, Price thanks her parents for providing her the opportunities she had, as well as the help she got from school for getting her to where she is today. Price found her calling in guiding students and continues impacting the lives of students at Huntley High School.