Role Model’s debut album “Rx” excites

“RX” is something you will never let go



Role Model’s album came out on April 8.

By Madeline Pomis

True love, trust, and moving forward from heartbreak. Those are the three phrases that represent singer-songwriter Role Model’s debut album, “Rx.”

Tucker Pillsbury, better known by his stage name Role Model has been a growing artist in the music industry for the past few years. Known for his songs like “Blind,” “Notice Me,” and “Death Wish,” Role Model has made a name for himself. Many fans anticipated his debut album with excitement, as it dropped on April 8. 

Many fans also recognize a handful of his songs on the album to be inspired by influencer Emma Chamberlain. The two have been together under the private eye for almost two years, and Chamberlain is commonly recognized in Role Model’s songs such as “Blind” and “Forever&more”; she even appeared in one of his music videos to “neverletyougo,” which is a lead single on the album about the couple’s strong bond. 

The album opens with an empowering hit “Die for my b*tch,” introducing us to what the album is about; love and commitment until death. The song draws listeners into the album, only wanting to hear more. The next track, “who hurt you,” has just the same effect. The song takes a look at a broken person in a relationship, and the conflict between the two as the other person attempts to learn how to help. 

The singles that gave listeners the main idea before the album’s release were, “if jesus saves, she’s my type,” a bubbly song that faintly describes the girl of his dreams. Another includes “Forever&more,” arguably the most sincere and love-struck song Pillsbury has ever written. Many fans additionally speculate these tracks were written with Emma Chamberlain in mind.

Other tracks like “life is funny” and “can you say the same” follow a somber look at life, explaining that nobody is innocent and everybody has their own troubles in some way. Pillsbury’s deep lyricism is definitely not looked over, as many fans seem to relate to the somber and hurt content his songs exemplify. 

Though songs in the album are considered complicated and powerful, many have criticized Pillsbury for the sexual phrases and profanity included in his songs. Though the profanity may seem like a little much, mature audiences can look past it and appreciate the deeper meaning behind a handful of his overall discography and raw songwriting.

Overall, audiences have been compelled by the production and lyrical content of the album, and have not been disappointed by the artist’s latest work. “Rx” did nothing but prove Pillsbury’s talent as an artist, and will hopefully be a step in the direction of success.