Easter is only one craft away at the Marlowe craft fair

Marlowe Middle School hosted a craft fair on April 9


R. Habel

Viewing of all the booths present at the Marlowe event.

By Rae Habel

Marlowe middle school scored again with another successful craft fair this past weekend, with an incredible turnout. It was enjoyable and interesting for the parents and the kids as well. It consisted of multiple vendors who set up shops all throughout the school, and the Easter Bunny was located in the gym for the kids.

There were so many one-of-a-kind things that were being sold. For example, handmade jewelry, wooden carved goods, lotions, and more. The vendors were all super friendly and open to stepping aside and having conversations with you.

“My husband and I are a team,” said Amber Loomis, one of the talented vendors. “He does a lot of woodworking and I make a lot of jewelry with wire wrap. We want to share our wares with everybody.

“This fair was super well advertised and is extremely organized as well. There’s such an amazing turnout and the other artisans are amazing, you will definitely see us coming back,” said Loomis.

As you walked through the doors of the school, there were raffles set up and the orchestra was playing. It set an uplifting mood making everyone want to stick around. As you walked through the hallway you saw many friendly and familiar faces including William Johnson, the principal at the school. 

“My favorite part of this craft fair is our student vendors,” said Johnson. “I think it is awesome we have students who are boosters and we supply all of the student vendors with a free booth. I personally really enjoy hosting this at our school and that we get to showcase small businesses in the community.”

“Moving forward, I hope this fair gets bigger and better. I am so excited that this worked out smoothly with all the people that showed up,” said Johnson. 

Jessica Sweeney was the genius behind the fair. The craft fair has been going on since 2017, making this their fourth annual event. She was once a vendor herself so she knows what needs to be done and how which resulted in a well-planned fair. 

“My favorite part of the event would be the socialization. Also the fact that we have student performances as well,” Sweeney said. 

Overall, this fair was a success. It was really nice to see kids visit the Easter Bunny and for parents to shop around.