Restrictions lead to dispute

New study hall restrictions from the administration leave anger and despair in the student body.

By Emma McCoy

Since coming back from spring break, HHS has made some changes around the school. One including stronger rules and restrictions during study hall hours. These changes resulted in upset students and faculty wanting to fix the unexcused absence issues. 

Not only have study halls been restricted but so has blended. Students have been back for two weeks now and with next week coming up, we are hoping for things to go back to normal. 

Our ultimate goal is to re-teach the correct behavior and build systems that ensure students are making good choices. We are hopeful that once the re-teaching is complete we can return to our previous structures that most students are familiar with” dissociative principal Tom Kempf said, 

The reason for the changes throughout the school has been because of the increase in unexcused abscesses across the board. Although not every student contributes to this, everyone is affected which leads to change by Huntley’s administration. 

Study halls being confined makes it hard to do work and is unfair to students who do what they are supposed to on a daily basis at HHS,” said sophomore Megan McCoy

My opinion on the study hall change is I wish the school didn’t put everyone into the common area. I think it got more noisy and made less room for people,” sophomore Cali Tedesco said. 

The majority of students do not appreciate the changes and do not like the positioning of students during this time. The cafe area is small and with everyone being in there it causes discomfort when close to others and the area has a lot of distractions.

I understand that many students are upset.  I hate to change myself, and I can understand they feel like something has been taken away from them.  I hope that they can soon see that this is for the greater good for all and that we are not out to just punish good kids or take away their freedoms,” Kempf said.

Overall, the changes were made for HHS students to re-learn and gain their freedom back after all things considered.