Prom makes a come-back

Huntley High School brings back tradition after pandemic


S. Skiba

Students at Prom crowd around the DJ on the dance floor.

By Sandra Skiba

Hundreds of students started their Saturday morning preparing for a night they have waited years for. Prom day is one of the most exciting events for juniors and seniors. Due to the pandemic, a genuine Prom has not happened in two years.

April 30, Huntley High School hosted its first true Prom since the pandemic started at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in O’Hare. It was a night to remember.

“It exceeded my expectations. I thought it would just be slow dancing and food, but honestly, it was fun, and I got to go crazy. It felt like a no-judgment zone,” junior Nathan Brown said. 

Many students who were attending Prom for the first time had expectations met and felt comfortable being able to dance and have fun. Huntley created an environment for everyone to have a good time, but bathrooms were an issue, and prices were slightly concerning.

“I really loved the music and the food. The place was pretty, but I think something that should be prioritized are the restrooms. There were like eight or so stalls, so not too many,” junior Carly Navas said.

“Other than the price being so high, it was good, and I got to see people I haven’t in a long time, so there were more connections,” Brown said. 

For having hundreds of people attending one Prom and paying so much, students felt that more bathroom access could have been beneficial. 

As much as the students were pleased, the teachers and administration also were happy with the outcome of a Prom come-back.

“It was great to have Prom back after the pandemic. All of the students were pumped and having a good time,” math department chair Danielle Parker said. “I’m exhausted.”

After a night filled with dancing and singing, the school can definitely say the event turned out to be enjoyable and just as everyone hoped it would be.