The strings strike again

Huntley’s orchestra performs at their last concert


S. Druetta

Seniors get together for pictures at their last orchestra concert.

By Serafina Druetta

The lights dim and students tune their instruments as they await to begin the concert. The first orchestras, Concert and Philharmonic, started with a piece arranged by Carrie Lane Gruselle called “Postcards from Russia”. This included an abundance of tempo changes, going from slow to fast and vice versa. 

The orchestra director, Jeffrey Rollins, then came up to the microphone for his introduction. After his introduction, he introduced the students next piece called “Crusader” by Doug Spata.

“I think my favorite piece from Concert and Philharmonic orchestra was Crusader, it really came together well,” Rollins said. 

They then performed their final piece called “The Abduction from the Seraglio” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and it was arranged by Jamin Hoffman which consisted of the violins playing a short solo in the song.

The lights then went back on as they transitioned from one orchestra to the other. Next on stage came the Symphonic orchestra and they started with the piece “New World Symphony (No. 9, Mvt 4)” by Antonin Dvorak, and it was arranged by Deborah Baker Monday. They followed with the pieces “Night on Bald Mountain” by Modest Mussorgsky, and arranged by Carrie Lane Gruselle, as well as “St. Paul’s Suite” by Gustav Holst, which were two pieces consisting of lots of staccato and legato musical movement, with many dynamic changes. 

They then transitioned one last time for their senior recognition night. The senior students consisted of Charlize Batang, Carli Cangelosi, Ashley Cuatepitzi, Miles Kruse, Carla Leiva, Kelsey Moersfelder, Caden Rasmussen, Lauren Raupp, Payton Siegler, Aliyah Skippergosh, Logan Stewart, and Alan Taylor. They played a piece called “Nimrod from the Enigma Variations” by Edward Elgar and arranged by Andy Ralls. This is a piece that is often played in funerals or serious events, to be able to reflect and review on things in the past. This was appropriate for the seniors as they continue on their journey past high school. 

Overall the concert was a bittersweet experience for the students and their teachers. There were pictures and many conversations about the old memories that the students remember having when they were younger. Some students plan to continue their field in music, while others are grasping the last time of performing for orchestra and enjoying every moment.