Taylor Swift’s “Midnight Mayhem with Me” sparks conversation online

As fans get ready for the release of “Midnights,” Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Swift starts a TikTok series to hype up the release


By Zuzanna Bates, Floating Editor

“Midnight Mayhem with Me” is Taylor Swift’s TikTok series in which she slowly releases each track name of her upcoming album titled “Midnights.” Taylor Swift is known for hiding easter eggs and hints throughout the years she has been in the music industry, and this album is no exception. 

Fans see this series as a way to speculate on what Swift has in store for them. There are many videos seen on TikTok of fans making their own theories about what they think are easter eggs for this album that is connected to Swift’sTikToks.

@agirlnamesdally, who is a fan of Swift on TikTok, runs through a bunch of easter eggs from years prior that fans have missed that teased the release of “Midnights.” One easter egg she gives is that “in her ‘All Too Well’ nomination TikTok video, she was wearing dark purple [and] earrings with an X on them, X being the roman numeral for ten, TS10, she also drew ten little doodles on the screen.” Many fans either disregarded these hints or they were mistaken to mean something else, typically about re-records of her previous albums.

In each episode Swift spins a bingo wheel to see what track she will reveal first. Her first episode she discloses the name of track 13, “Mastermind.”  Next episode she uncovered track 8, “Vigilante S**t.” Swift officially has publicized all 13 track names. Up until episode 9, she was releasing one track name at a time, then she released the rest of the 5 track names at 11 p.m. CDT on Oct. 6, midnight, 1 a.m., 2 a.m., and 3 a.m. She also revealed a feature with Lana Del Rey, on track 4, which some fans were hoping would happen.

One easter egg/fan theory that has been popular in Swift’s fandom, is the “lost album,” Karma. In episode 8 she leaks that track 11 is called “Karma.” @thethriftyswiftie, a fan on TikTok, speculates in one of her videos that this song “is going to be a single and [she thinks] we’re getting a music video.” She says this because “Taylor has been paying homage to ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ throughout the teasing for ‘Midnights’… ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is essential to ‘Karma’, it’s about how Taylor had to scrap the album she was planning, ‘Karma’ in favor of ‘Reputation.’” 

Midnight officially comes out on Oct. 21, and with all track names announced, fans are anticipating a single soon.