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Painting of Dylan Mulvaney.

Woman of the Year reminds everyone what it really means to be a woman

Being awarded the first Woman of the Year by Attitude, Dylan Mulvaney takes backlash with stride and strength.
By Faith Rasmussen
November 24, 2023

Transgender activist and TikTok star, Dylan Mulvaney, gave an empowering speech at the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards in London, after being awarded Woman...

The girl behind the camera of “What’s good in the last 24?”

The girl behind the camera of “What’s good in the last 24?”

Isabel Hernandez, the editor of Mr. Allen’s TikTok
By Emma Christenson
October 11, 2022

Students have a set schedule of how they like to spend their mornings at Huntley High school, communicating with friends, finding out what homework was...

Taylor Swift’s “Midnight Mayhem with Me” sparks conversation online

Taylor Swift’s “Midnight Mayhem with Me” sparks conversation online

As fans get ready for the release of “Midnights,” Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Swift starts a TikTok series to hype up the release
By Zuzanna Bates, Floating Editor
October 10, 2022

“Midnight Mayhem with Me” is Taylor Swift’s TikTok series in which she slowly releases each track name of her upcoming album titled “Midnights.”...

TikTok filters are contributing to a decrease in mental health.

Harmful TikTok filters impact mental health

TikTok’s new filters promote unrealistic beauty standards
By Ava Brancato
March 21, 2022

Like many other students, I have been using TikTok pretty frequently for the past three years. I have seen every trend, dance, and viral video on the app....

The World of Social Media

The World of Social Media

Open the door please: TikTok trend sparks arguments
By Emilia Schwartz
February 16, 2022

Recently, a trend has started on TikTok following the popular musical Heathers. The trend centers around a character nicknamed JD trying to get another...

TikTok takes a dark turn

TikTok takes a dark turn

TikTok users are making the app a sexual platform.
By Natalie VonderHeide
February 9, 2022

After scrolling through seemingly harmless videos on your TikTok "for you page", a short clip of a shirtless man performing erotic dances takes over your...

Cant Help Myselfpiece located at the Guggenheim Museum.

The world of social media: Can’t Help Myself

Emotions shown through artwork.
By Emilia Schwartz
December 14, 2021

Helplessness, feeling as if you cannot do anything to save yourself no matter how hard you try. Human emotions are complicated, but people have been able...

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The World of Social Media: Immortal Snail

Recurring trend sparks a new video idea on TikTok.
By Emilia Schwartz
November 1, 2021

Social media is something all us students use. Have you ever wondered what students in the building think of certain trends? Now with "The World of Social...

Crumbl Cookies- Worth the Hype?

Crumbl Cookies- Worth the Hype?

By Arianna Joob, Social Media Editor
May 10, 2021

Downtown Schaumburg contains many new and popular places, these include places like Crumbl Cookies, Bearology, and the Amazon Fresh grocery store. Making...

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The pros and cons of TikTok

By Rayne Zilch
January 17, 2021

TikTok became the trendiest new app in 2019. The fun dances and hilarious trends have made people enjoy themselves, especially when quarantine hit. So...

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