The World of Social Media: Immortal Snail

Recurring trend sparks a new video idea on TikTok.


(CC BY-SA 3.0)

By Emilia Schwartz

Social media is something all us students use. Have you ever wondered what students in the building think of certain trends? Now with “The World of Social Media,” you can know.

“I find it quite odd,” sophomore Grace Courtney said.

Recently, a trend known as “The Immortal Snail” has been trending on TikTok. What is “The Immortal Snail” trend? The trend is people on TikTok discussing what they would do in a situation where they were immortal, and could only die when an immortal snail touches them.

The snail is intelligent, and always knows where you are. This trend was first started by the podcast Rooster Teeth in 2014 and has circulated the internet ever since, especially on Reddit. However, it took a new form on TikTok, with people making stories of the snail.

A TikToker made a scenario where she looked for the snail at the end of Earth but could not find it. Another addition to the trend is that as well as being immortal, the person gets millions of dollars. This led to one TikToker saying he would move to an island, where the snail cannot get to him. 

“The trend is creative and funny at times. It’s a little weird but it’s definitely a fun trend,” sophomore Madison Manley said.

So what do you think of this trend? Personally, I find it very fun and I like to think of what I would do in this scenario. I think I would try to trap the snail in a cup and tape it shut so that I can keep it close but it cannot get to me. But what about you? Do you think this is fun and creative or weird and obscure?