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Emilia Schwartz

Emilia Schwartz, Staff Writer

Emilia Schwartz is a 15-year-old Sophomore. She likes the game Genshin Impact and this is her first year on the Voice. She is very interested in History.

Myers-Briggs personality type: INTP-T

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A picture of a regular, non-filter bee

The World of Social Media

By Emilia Schwartz
May 8, 2022
The World of Social Media: The Bee Trend
The World of Social Media

The World of Social Media

Open the door please: TikTok trend sparks arguments
By Emilia Schwartz
February 16, 2022

Recently, a trend has started on TikTok following the popular musical Heathers. The trend centers around a character nicknamed JD trying to get another...

Students compete together in various STEM events in hopes for a victory.

Huntley High School invites Science Olympiad back into the building

Science Olympiad competes virtually despite lacking underclassman
By Emilia Schwartz
February 3, 2022

On Jan 29, Huntley High School participated in a Science Olympiad meet. Around 20 kids sat in the Raider Aid room, before leaving to record their events...

Members of the Creative Writing Club gather after successful open mic night.

Creative festivities

The Creative Writing Club hosts its first open mic night
By Emilia Schwartz
January 2, 2022

Festively decorated tables stood in the middle of the cafeteria, while a large crowd stood proudly in front of them. Nobody had their backs turned as the...

Cant Help Myselfpiece located at the Guggenheim Museum.

The world of social media: Can’t Help Myself

Emotions shown through artwork.
By Emilia Schwartz
December 14, 2021

Helplessness, feeling as if you cannot do anything to save yourself no matter how hard you try. Human emotions are complicated, but people have been able...

Hiding the likes of a post do not do anything (N. Darnall).

Instagram needs to get better

Children's Mental Health Affected by Instagram
By Emilia Schwartz
November 2, 2021

Ever since its creation, social media has sparked debates on whether it harms or benefits mental health. Instagram, in particular, is known to cause insecurity...

(CC BY-SA 3.0)

The World of Social Media: Immortal Snail

Recurring trend sparks a new video idea on TikTok.
By Emilia Schwartz
November 1, 2021

Social media is something all us students use. Have you ever wondered what students in the building think of certain trends? Now with "The World of Social...

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