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The new casual nature of Instagram relieves stress around being perfect.

A photo dump a day keeps the jealousy away

How Instagram users are steering further away from trying
By Maggie Kirwin
February 16, 2022

Instagram has been known since 2010 as the infamous app to share photos, stories, and videos of everyday life. What used to be a space to share overly...

Hiding the likes of a post do not do anything (N. Darnall).

Instagram needs to get better

Children's Mental Health Affected by Instagram
By Emilia Schwartz
November 2, 2021

Ever since its creation, social media has sparked debates on whether it harms or benefits mental health. Instagram, in particular, is known to cause insecurity...


Lizzie Ingrassia’s Time Capsule

HHS senior uses Instagram to reflect on her long art career
By Ally Panzloff
October 13, 2021

If you are looking for senior Lizzie Ingrassia after school, you can likely find her in the East Wing of Huntley High School. She is either leading the...

Coffee talk with Grace

Coffee talk with Grace

By Grace Helzer, Floating Editor
February 7, 2021

After a long and exhausting day of Zoom classes, I decided to treat myself to a nice cold iced coffee. I honestly get coffee every day but had no idea...

Courtesy of @oliviapawlakmakeup

Olivia Pawlak, rising makeup artist

By Shannon Magura
January 19, 2021

Social media has always been a great platform for people to express themselves but is more commonly used among big creators and celebrities. However, Huntley...

R. Murphy

In-person friendships become a thing of the past

By Riley Murphy
April 18, 2018

Over time, social media has become more and more involved in our lives. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few of the platforms that...

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