The World of Social Media

A picture of a regular, non-filter bee

Wikimedia Commons (C.C. by 3.0)

A picture of a regular, non-filter bee

Emilia Schwartz

Social Media changes frequently. Trends can appear and die within weeks or even days of each other. TikTok has been one of the largest social media platforms since the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020. Today, I will discuss a trend that has become popular on TikTok within the last week in The World Of Social Media.

On April 24, 2020, an account posted a video saying “the best part of this plan is no one can stop me.” This video got a lot of attention, getting 70 thousand likes and around 600 comments. It did not become a trend until two years later. 

Unlike the original video, many of these videos use a bee filter. I do not know the reason for this and cannot find the original video in which this was done. The oldest video of this I can find is from a week ago. Not all the videos from this sound use the bee, but the majority of them do. 

People talk about different topics from their life in the trend, mainly negative things they have done. Unhealthy coping mechanisms and ignoring problems are major themes. While the act itself is negative, people use this trend in order to vent their emotions. 

The other part of this trend is videos that do not use the bee filter. Unlike ones that use the bee filter, videos without it tend to be more about the behavior of their pets. They do not often focus on the individual making the video. It is still mainly negative behaviors that it focuses on. Actions such as destroying the property of the owner or making a mess are common. 

Despite the fact that the behaviors shown in the trend are mostly negative, it is shown in a light-hearted almost joking matter. Comments take it as a joke as well but talk about how relatable the video is. This is not uncommon for the internet, but it is arguable whether or not this behavior is healthy or not. While venting your emotions is healthy, anyone on the internet can see the videos you post. Despite the fact that TikTok is a 13+ app, younger children still find it. A person could argue that the trend glamorizes this behavior by making it humorous. This trend can share topics that are illegal, such as going onto illegal websites and using illegal substances. Should children really be able to see this?

On a more positive note, the animal part of this trend is funny. The animals are adorable and the behavior is usually just a one-time event. This part seems to be more about showing off cute animals than venting. 

What do you think? Do you think the trend negatively impacts those that view it, or do you think it is a healthy way to get out emotions that causes no harm? I am somewhere in the middle. There are worse aspects of the internet as a whole and this trend is just a reflection of that. As long as children will have access to the internet, they will see glamourized negative behavior.