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Open the door please: TikTok trend sparks arguments

By Emilia Schwartz

Recently, a trend has started on TikTok following the popular musical Heathers. The trend centers around a character nicknamed JD trying to get another character named Veronica to open the door for him. This trend has sparked an argument due to the manipulative nature of the audio. Some people on TikTok are saying that they would open the door, while others are arguing that it is wrong to joke about the song due to it being about manipulation.

One side of the argument says that this is just a fun trend, not an actual reflection of the musical. A lot of people participating have never watched it and only know about the audio. These people find the voice of the character attractive, so they say they would open the door. The other side of the argument is that saying you would open the door is romanticizing abuse. The relationship between the two characters in the audio was very toxic and abusive.

The argument is not the only way the audio is being talked about; people also like placing characters from other stories into the audio. For example, one person compared the audio to Alina and The Darkling from the book series and TV show “Shadow and Bone.” It has also caused a resurgence of popularity for the musical. One TikToker even recreated the audio and gained popularity due to his singing and acting skills.

What do you think about this trend? I personally do not have a very strong opinion on either side. I am more towards the middle. I think that it is a fun trend but people should be aware that JD was trying to manipulate Veronica. It is important to be able to recognize manipulation, especially on social media.