Crumbl Cookies- Worth the Hype?

By Arianna Joob, Social Media Editor

Downtown Schaumburg contains many new and popular places, these include places like Crumbl Cookies, Bearology, and the Amazon Fresh grocery store. Making them all within steps of each other was definitely not a mistake location-wise. 

One of these trendy places, known as Crumbl Cookies, has been all over the Tik Tok “For You Page.” Thousands of videos have been posted of people reviewing these cookies and the store itself. 

Now imagine, you are driving past the new Amazon Fresh store and turn the corner. Immediately, you see a line of people waiting down the strip mall. This line starts at, you guessed it, Crumbl Cookies.

The wait on this Saturday afternoon is 45 minutes. This may be because of Mother’s Day the next day, but most people say the store is always busy and has a line. After all, you will not find another Crumbl Cookies until you are a few hours across the Wisconsin border.

Weather permitting, waiting outside may be unpleasant, but this Saturday it is cool and not too windy. The line seems to move fast, making it seem quicker than it probably was. After those 45 minutes, you enter the store.

It is covered in pink decor, being very modernized but also an efficient use of space. Everything is in the same font, with the workers all in their black uniforms to match the store’s pink and black theme. Ordering the cookies was brisk and easy and our pricing questions were answered. Fortunately, the cookies were ready very quickly after ordering within five minutes. 

When it comes to pricing, a box of one cookie is $3.98, a box of four cookies is $13.48, and a box of 12 cookies (the Party Box) is $34.88. After research, the prices of the cookie boxes seem to differ based on location. The more urban the area of the Crumbl Cookies store, the more expensive the cookies, which makes sense. Although, sometimes chain companies make prices the same for all locations.

I ended up getting the box of four cookies to review. The packing was presumably well and just as it looks in the videos on Tik Tok and photos on their social media. The cookie flavors this week include six cookies; I tested out the four cookie flavors that seemed the most unique and special to the store. I had Pink Velvet, Chocolate Cake, Lemon Glaze, and Chilled Sugar.

For the Pink Velvet cookie, it was definitely a cake cookie. The texture was very gooey and cake-like. The base was just pink velvet cake and the frosting was a cream cheese base with a dusting of pink sugar on top. Overall, it tastes sweet and what you would expect a pink cookie to taste like. 

The Chocolate Cake cookie has the same texture, very gooey. It is also extremely chocolatey and tastes like a fudge brownie. The base is a chocolate cake with extra chocolate frosting on top.

I would recommend these cookies if you like gooey cookies and not crunchier cookies. These two cookies are also very rich in flavor. Although, all the cookies did have an intense flavor, considering they are gourmet cookies.

The Lemon Glaze cookie is sour and tastes like lemon. It also includes a lemon on top for extra flavor. It has a lemon cookie base with a very small amount of lemon-based glaze frosting. This cookie was very crunchy, unlike the other cookies.

The Chilled Sugar cookie was not what I expected at first. It has a regular sugar cookie base with some type of fruity pink frosting. The “chilled” part of the cookie was honestly unexpected even though it was in the name. None of their other cookies are chilled, and I understand why. The coldness gives the cookie a different texture and taste despite being made from the same company and ingredients as the other cookies. Honestly, it tastes more store-bought and cheaper to me.

Of the Lemon Glaze and Chilled Sugar cookies, I recommend the Lemon Glaze for people that enjoy that sour lemon taste. The Chilled Sugar cookie is something that you can get at the supermarket and does not need to be bought for an expensive price.

Overall, the experience was nice and they were definitely what you pay for, gourmet cookies. They are nothing super special, but exactly what they are marketed as. 

Are they worth the hype? You may be asking this from all the videos on Tik Tok and their seemingly newfound fame. I think they are but know what you are paying for. It is nothing life-changing or surprising other than what they are, simply expensive gourmet cookies.