Fright Features: The family behind The Conjuring

Jadyn discusses some of the freaky facts about The Conjuring family.

Fright Features: The family behind The Conjuring

By Jadyn Sola

Many people have watched “The Conjuring”, and many people have seen the “based on a true story” message played before the credits. However, only few people know the true facts and the real story behind this award winning film.

So, what really happened? It all started when the Perron family moved to Harrisville, Rhode Island in January of 1971, where Carolyn and Roger Perrson purchased a large farmhouse for themselves and their five daughters.

Soon after they moved in, they started noticing odd things happening around the house. At first it was minor things, like a broom moving or going missing. The family would hear scratching and scraping around the kitchen when nobody was there, and would even find dirt lying around the kitchen floor after cleaning it. Sometimes, they would smell the stench of rotting flesh, or their heating equipment in the cellar would randomly break down. 

The daughters were the first to really acknowledge the spirits and ghosts around the house, and came to the conclusion that most of them were not dangerous. There were just a few, however, that were not as nice. 

In the film, the worst spirit the family encountered was Bathsheba Sherman. Allegedly, she lived on the farmhouse’s property in the 1800s, and it is said that she was a satanist and that she even killed her neighbor’s daughter. The family believed that this was the main spirit who was causing them trouble.

At times it got so bad that beds would lift off of the floor, and it got so bad that the family decided to contact paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who came back to the house on multiple occasions to try to help the family. While trying to contact the spirits, it is said that Carolyn got possessed and began talking in an unknown language as she rose off the ground.

Worried about his wife’s health, Roger kicked the Warrens out of their home. They continued to live in the farmhouse until they gathered up enough money to move in the ‘80s. After they moved, the hauntings stopped.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this story will definitely send a chill down your spine. After moving into this house, the Perron’s lives were changed forever. So, next time you buy a house, make sure to do your research on its history.