Golf for Everyone: the key to starting out as a golfer

Brendan teaches golfing tips on how to start playing for beginners


By Brendan Busky

Getting exposed to new things can be very fun. It allows people to have different experiences, learn new skills, and it can spice life up. Golf is a new experience that is a lot of fun. The only problem is that it is hard to start out because of the cost and it is hard to learn the game.

To the people that do not give it a chance, it might seem boring or too hard to start playing. But, if given a chance, it can be an amazing thing.

Getting clubs can be an issue for people since there are loads of options. Getting fit, buying used clubs, and buying packages of clubs can seem intimidating.

Getting fit for clubs will get people the best clubs for them. The fitting process is where there are a bunch of different clubs and the person hitting them sees which one is the best for them. This process is definitely the most expensive option though many fitters overprice clubs and it only allows you to buy the newest clubs possible. The newest clubs are usually very expensive and not much different from the clubs made the previous year.

On the other hand, buying used clubs is the cheapest option and there are loads of different clubs you can choose from. The cons of buying used clubs are that there can be too many clubs to choose from for a person who is just starting to play golf.

Personally, I think buying a package of clubs is what is easiest for beginners. Most packages include all the clubs needed and a golf bag for a cheap price. 

Some other items that might be needed are golf balls and tees. For someone who is just starting out, golf balls will not make much of a difference, so just get cheap golf balls. Tees do not really matter either and you probably will not even need to buy tees because there are often used ones on the ground. 

Something that would help lots of people out is getting lessons. Some of them can be expensive; however, they can help teach the fundamentals of the game and help set a strong foundation. 

Although getting good lessons and getting nice clubs can help a lot, hard work is the most important part. To golf, there is no secret that is just going to magically make someone figure everything out. Practicing is the only real way to get better.

The main thing about lessons is that they can help show you something that you can practice to get better. Practicing can be very frustrating, but with enough practice, progress will be made.

Golf can be a very fun sport and gets people in a new environment they have not been in before. In order to really enjoy it, hard work, dedication, and perseverance will be needed. Remember, the struggling times will be the most rewarding times.