It is a Great Day to be a Red Raider!

This teacher is motivating his students to be their best selves through educational rants.

Dowling teaches his students about different formulas and methods to help his students prepare for their test.


Dowling teaches his students about different formulas and methods to help his students prepare for their test.

By Ava Berardi

Brendan Dowling, a Geometry and Intermediate Algebra teacher sits up from his desk and strolls to the front of the class. He looks around and sees his students scrolling through their phones and talking loudly. After a deep sigh, every student turns to the front of the room and Dowling begins one of many rants. 

“It gets the students energized about their education, and I try to be a very energetic and introspective teacher. The purpose of ranting is to get rid of negative energy and to ensure that students are motivated for much more enduring reasons,” Dowling said. 

These “rants” as his students call them, range anywhere from working hard to achieve goals to talking about the addiction to social media. 

“He is very supportive of his students. His rants teach us the outer point of view like what is outside of our phones and social media and how we should not always look on our phones,” sophomore Sam Weitzenfield said. 

Dowling’s rants encourage his students to become the best learners they can be. He tries to positively motivate them to turn in homework, be an attentive listener, and ask questions when needed. 

“His rants, such as the ones about his daughter’s life at the Citadel, it helps us focus on learning better. I think he is very kind and he allows us to learn,” sophomore Abriy Walker said, “My favorite is the motivating ones about pushing myself to learn, he is very passionate about learning and helpful,” sophomore Katie Ferrera said. 

Dowling is always able to connect his life experiences with his rants, to inform students about real-world experiences that will better them in real life. 

“His rants help us learn about world economics and the real world, the one [that’s] outside of Geometry class,” Walker said. 

Dowling often shares positive experiences and phrases that help his students grow and connect to their learning.

“My teaching style is how I make them feel that the expectations have solid boundaries and there are no shortcuts to greatness. My favorite positive phrase is that you are responsible for your happiness and growth today,” Dowling said. 

His students, like Abriy, Katie and Sam often mention how his rants help them work and become better students and they always end up getting work done. Even though the rants take up a few minutes of class, each student is always learning something and still receives great grades in the class. 

As Dowling finishes his small talk he looks towards his students and says, “Remember do not be a simp!¨, “It is a great day to be a red raider!” or possibly, ¨Do not let negative others influence your well-being!”

These phrases serve as a strong reminder for students to be themselves and not be sympathetic to what ruins their self-confidence and motivation. Every Raider has to push themselves to be the best they can be.