Marvel at Marvel

Many shows in the Marvel universe have been delayed.

By Connor Considine

Hello there, and welcome to Marvel at Marvel, the one-stop shop for any news related to the plethora of Marvel media out there. So no matter what you are interested in, I hope this helps you. This one is going to have some more behind-the-scenes stuff than usual, so I hope you like seeing behind everything it.

“The Marvels” and many MCU Disney+ shows slated to release this year have been delayed. The aforementioned film has been delayed from July 28 to November 10, which is its fourth delay since its announcement. No trailer has been released for the film yet, although posters depicting its three main characters have been released. As for the Disney+ outings, the only releases that are guaranteed for this year are “Secret Invasion” and the second season of “Loki”. Every other show, including the second season of “What If…?”, “Echo”, “Ironheart”, and “X-Men 1997”, is now currently up in the air, and will likely be pushed into 2024, with “Agatha: Coven of Chaos”, “Wonder Man”, “Spider-Man: Freshman Year”, and “Marvel Zombies” likely being pushed into late 2024 or 2025. This is likely due to the fatigue many have felt with the MCU lately, with the shows being the main culprit behind that. For context, Phase Four of the MCU is longer than the past three phases combined because of the shows. Even higher-ups within Marvel have acknowledged the issues. Hopefully, the changes in the schedule will give fans more stretching room between releases, and allow for better projects.

Disney may be looking to buy back the distribution rights to the Hulk and Namor. This affects how the characters can be presented and whether they can have films and shows of their own. Currently, the distribution rights belong to Universal, a rival to Disney. Currently, there has been one movie with Hulk as the main character and said the movie is almost 15 years old. On the opposite side, Hulk has appeared in nine other projects, with almost half of those being Avengers films. Namor is a recent addition to the MCU, only being in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”. These occurrences are due to the fact that while Disney can use these characters as much as they want, they cannot make money from their solo outings. Analysts are thinking that this can change if Disney sells its 67% share in Hulu in favor of the rights. This would not be the first time Disney has done something drastic for the MCU’s future, with their acquisition of 20th Century Studios, commonly known as Fox, being a major one. Either way, this is sure to be an interesting development for Disney, Hulu, and Marvel, much like the Fox acquisition was. Fitting how both are kind of opposite to each other, too.

“Marvel’s Avengers”, a video game published by Square Enix, is ending all support on September 30, with the final update of the game being released at the end of this month. Following the end of September, the game will no longer be available to purchase and no support will be given by the game’s developers, and at the end of March, all microtransactions for the game will be turned off, with every cosmetic being given for free. No new cosmetics will be added to the game. Spider-Man will still remain locked behind PlayStation, and no refunds will be given. This news is not surprising to pretty much everyone who has paid attention to the game, as it has been plagued with negative reception, poor sales, dwindling numbers, and other plagues that seem to always occur in games like this. The game tried to hook you and force you to put all your attention into it but ended up being so unfun to play that very few people put any. I could go into the history of this game and others like it, but that is a rabbit hole that warrants an article that is both very different and very long.

This has been Marvel at Marvel. This one was a lot different than the others, and I am sorry if you do not like it. The next one will totally have everything you love about all of Marvel and not just the behind-the-scenes of the world.