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JV girls tennis team shows us all how it is done!

On Sep. 26 the Huntley girls JV team wins out of 5-2.
Carolyn Piepenbrink
Huntley girls lined up waiting for Dundee Crown.

On a chilly afternoon at Huntley High school, the tennis court ruptures with parents, students, and members of the facility wanting an epic win to come out for Huntley Red Raiders. As the game is about to begin the JV tennis team both coaches announce who is playing ,who in singles, where you play one on one, and who is playing doubles. As the coach says who is playing against each other the two girls from each team go up to each other smack each others racket and then shake the opposing coach’s hand.

As coach Jahnke explains where the players are playing and what court. Jahnke watches his girls warm up against their opponents as they get ready to take on each other. 

On Sept. 26, Huntley took on Dundee crown and took home a win of 5-2. 

As Karolina Zeiba, a player on the JV girls tennis team, takes two epic wins, she explains that the beginning of her match was a little stressful. She is having difficulties with her knee but she powered through her matches and helped girls JV tennis take home a win with a score of 6-0 in both of her matches. 

 ¨I am playing doubles. I am a little nervous [when I heard]  the team was good. My knees [have] been flaring up lately but hopefully I will win my matches,”  Zeiba said. 

As Ella Quandee, a player on the JV girls tennis team, brings home two wins for Huntley. Quandee was a little nervous as this was the first match her mom was coming to, although playing singles is what she finds joy in and she prefers it over doubles. 

¨I am playing singles. I am nervous but I have the most fun playing singles and I think I will win,” Ella Quandee said. Quandee won 6-2 in a match and 8-6 in another match.

As Liliana Mokry warms up, the nerves start to hit her but she reminds herself that it is going to be okay and as long as she tries her best and uses her tips she could win her matches.

¨I am  playing third singles. I am a little nervous and scared. If I play well and hit it deep I think I could win,” Mokry said. Mokry won both of her matches with scores of 6-4 and 6-3.

Great job to the Huntley girls JV tennis team for taking the win of 5-2 against the Dundee Crown girls JV tennis team!

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Carolyn Piepenbrink, Staff Writer
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