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Tate McRae’s sophomore album, “Think Later,” creates a fierce and bold voice for herself, but lacks originality.
I. Banerjee
“Think Later” is available on all streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others.

On Dec. 8, 2023, Canadian singer and dancer Tate McRae released her second studio album: “Think Later.” Although she is known for ballad-type songs such as “you broke me first,” and her debut song “One Day,” which was released in 2017, McRae attempts to bring a new sound and voice to this album.

Both of her lead singles, “greedy” and “exes,” were promoted heavily on TikTok months prior the album’s release. TikTok users seemed to enjoy the lyrics as well as the addictive R&B/pop beats and melodies. However, both of these songs feel as though they were written specifically to gain popularity on the internet rather than truly convey McRae’s thoughts and emotions. 

Many speculated that McRae would be considered the next mainstream pop star after “greedy” had become so popular, yet this album has a superficial and incomplete feeling to it.

Most, if not all, the songs were about chasing after a toxic relationship. McRae writes all of her own lyrics and the messages behind some of her songs, such as “cut my hair” and “run for the hills” seem disheartening as she is chasing after someone who does not treat her well. 

Some of the tracks on the album, such as “plastic palm trees” and “stay done,” manage to convey deeper emotion. “Plastic palm trees” articulates McRae’s disappointment when realizing the artificial fulfillment she feels when pursuing her perfect lifestyle or dreams. 

“Stay done” goes back to the recurring idea of chasing an unhealthy relationship, but portrays it in a way where listeners can truly empathize with McRae. Compared to the other songs, “stay done” has an emotional, ballad-type of sound, which suits McRae’s voice best. 

Overall, “Think Later” seems to be a generic pop album and lacks authenticity. Even though many of the songs contain techno-type beats and are inspired by music in the 2000s, many of them seem forgettable. While McRae has seemed to gain popularity through this album and many fans enjoy more of her upbeat songs, she still seems to be finding her voice and a music style that compliments her singing the best. 

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Irene Banerjee
Irene Banerjee, Managing Editor
Irene Banerjee is a Managing Editor of The Voice, and this is her second year on staff. She is Co-Vice President of Leo's Club, part of the Environmental Club Leadership team, a member of Silver Cord and NHS, a part of the Medical Academy, and contributes to RAD. In her free time, Irene likes to read books, listen to music, or watch just about any rom-com movie!

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