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District plans to improve and change select buildings and grounds

Huntley High School's football field is going to receive irrigation improvements as a part of the District's new fiscal plan.

As the school population grows, the district continues to work to present the students, teachers and faculty with a positive school environment.  District 158 looks ahead to support the students that are sure to come.

By the end of February, the heating vents for all facilities in the entire district will be replaced. This is part of the guaranteed energy conservation project that has been in works.

Currently, Doug Renkosik, Operations and Maintenance Director, is working on a facility project list to present to the Board of Education for consideration for the fiscal year of 2013.

“I’ve solicited information on what kind of improvements the different buildings would like to see,” said Renkosik.

At this time, considerations for enhancing the security cameras for the facility, replacing old folding tables for events, landscaping and irrigation for the athletic fields, and some renovations for room 1326 (the industrial technology room) are all projects on the agenda for Huntley High School.

“In the near future we will also have to look at expansion for the parking lot and some landscaping needs around the perimeter of the parking lots,” said Renkosik. “Of course if we had all the funding available, we would do everything.”

Nevertheless, until the Board of Education meets and looks over the list nothing is set in stone. Most likely however, whatever furniture that is needed to accommodate the student population will have to be met.

“I’ve got a goal to present my results to the Board of Education in March,” said Renkosik.

Particularly of interest to Renkosik is hopefully adding some enhancements to the Performing Arts Center. These enhancements to the PAC will make it a safer place.

Of course, Huntley High School is not the only building on the wish list and Renkosik recognizes that they are not going to be able to afford all the renovations in mind.

“We are in the final stages and will be merging this wish list with the other eight buildings as well,” said Renkosik. “The life cycle list for 2013 is a million dollars. I’ve got a ten year life cycle list that averages 1.8 million a year.”

As of right now this is one of the bigger projects Renkosik is working on and the renovations and improvements will not be finalized until the Board meets in March.

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