The Voice

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Welcome to The Voice Online, Huntley High School‘s nationally award-winning news site. Our print version of The Voice has been in existence for since 1997. The idea of The Voice Online was developed into reality during the Chicago Blizzard in February 2011 by Michael Geheren. Throughout the summer, Geheren and his adviser, Dennis Brown, worked with the Huntley High School and Consolidated School District 158 administration to get the curriculum changed. Their goal: to have the News Media Production class teach useful and relevant journalism skills for today’s ever-changing news cycle.

In October 2011, The Voice Online went live to high school students. In its first year online, The Voice staff won the National Scholastic Press Association’s Pacemaker award. The website is currently headed by online editor Braden Turk, editor-in-chief Emma Kubelka, print editor Faith Losbanes, photo editor Arianna Sanchez, and section editors Madison Barr, Olivia Mack, Ayman Mirkhan, Riley Murphy, Danielle Rhody, and Skylar Sharkey. The staff and editorial board is advised by Dennis Brown CJE.

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