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Students wrap presents for the Adopt-a-Family wrapping day in the commons. (S. Faheem)

Give the Gift of Adopting a Family

By Danielle King
December 14, 2016

Just like any other day in the noisy commons area at Huntley High School, students sit around the large circular tables chatting about their homework,...

Claudine Garcia inducting a new member to NHS (C. Walsh)

Introducing New Members of NHS

By Cullen Walsh
November 20, 2014
Every year, after all of the day’s activities have finished and everyone has gone home, the National Honor Society stays behind in preparation for one of the most significant events for their upcoming year.
Community Service: For College and the Community

Community Service: For College and the Community

By Sophie Murk
November 22, 2011
Volunteering does not only benefit the people who are in need. It can also benefit the volunteer by teaching him/her various life skills or giving experience in the career that he/she may want to pursue.
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