Math Team places second at Fox Valley Conference

(Courtesy of Laura Jenkins.)

HHS’s Math Team got second place overall on Jan. 24 at the Fox Valley Conference competition at Prairie Ridge High School.

The Algebra I team, Geometry team, and Algebra II team placed first, the Frosh eight-person team placed second, and the junior/senior two-person team placed third. The whole team also competed in Candy Bar, an event where the schools compete for a box of candy, and they received third place, only missing two questions.

Many individual Huntley students placed at the competition as well. On the Algebra I team, freshman Ethan Faubl placed third, freshman Molly Sutter placed second, and freshman Saarav Desai placed first. On the Geometry team, sophomore Nathan Kusiolek placed fourth, sophomore Kayla Yakimisky placed third, and sophomore Paxton Luangnikone placed first. On the Algebra II team, junior Pranav Yandamuri placed fifth and junior Brody Lauer placed third.

The entire Math Team enjoyed their time there, and they are grateful to be a part to such a fun and rewarding team.

One Math Team member, junior Victoria Bittman, had transferred to Huntley High School from Oshkosh West High School in Wisconsin in the beginning of this year, where she competed the last two years.

“My old school’s [Math Team] required everyone to take the same test, so the freshmen were taking the exact same test as the seniors,” Bittman said. “It was a much harder test, and they were only in 15-minute segments.”

Junior Rutva Bhatt, who has been on the Math Team for three years, had a fun time with her fellow mathletes.   

“I really like being on Math Team because it is an activity that you would normally think is super boring, but it is actually the complete opposite because everyone is super welcoming, no matter what your skill set is,” Bhatt said.

Junior Lauren Wilcox has also been on Math Team for three years. She originally joined because Bhatt, her friend, was also joining, but now has she also a deep passion for Math Team.

“[Math team] actually challenges me in math a lot, and I get to learn things that I don’t typically learn in math class, which is really cool,” Wilcox said.

The Math Team will be competing at Hononegah Community High School on this Saturday, Jan. 27.


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