Saturday, March 17, 2018


Huntley Falls Short at Home

The Huntley girls track team held their first home invite of the season last Saturday and it was an exciting one for all teams....


Be More Chill

Erie music fills the theater and blue lights shine on the stage. The spotlight lands on the middle of the stage and there stands Will...


Logic “brings it back” with “Bobby Tarantino II”

After two years of teasing on social media, Logic is back with another album, and it’s fire. Influenced by Quentin Tarantino's films, it’s the...

The Tune-Up: February


Theme of the Month: Perils of Technology

Theme of the Month is an article series designed to investigate the best examples of film, television, and writing that fall under a certain...

We the Students


ALEKS program is frustrating and stressful

The online program Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces describes itself as a “web-based educational environment,” as per its official website, and clearly has...

We the Students

Winning wardrobe staples

An opinion on opinions