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Saviors of a Green Day

The newest album from the hit band.
The Belfast Riot taken by Chris Steele-Perkins, the album’s cover.
The Belfast Riot taken by Chris Steele-Perkins, the album’s cover.

Early into the new year the hit band Green Day released a new album called Saviors,  which came with 15 new songs by the artists. These songs all share a similar taste for how they sound, but they all have a unique twist to how they are produced that adds some variety to the mix.

Green Day is known for many hit songs, namely American Idiot (2004) Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2004), and Good Riddance (1997). Known for their widespread use of bringing the world of Punk Rock into the world, Green Day have always been a band known widely for bringing hits that would feel like they belong in a Vietnam war movie or Drama film, and Saviors is no different. Songs like The American Dream is Killing me, Look Ma, No Brains!, Bobby Sox, Corvette Summer follow this trend. Each song feels like it would belong as the theme playing during a movie when the title is shown on the screen, like an early 2000’s film. 

Other songs, however, follow another similar theme the band commonly has, which is appealing to the general people who are finding love in odd places and odd ways. Suzie Chapstick, Bobby Sox, Father to Son, Strange Days Are Here to Stay, and 1981 all have this trend within the lyrics, and sometimes even the rhythm. 1981 especially has a very upbeat and fast played drum and guitar beat, but the lyrics all follow that trend of finding love in a way that makes you say woah. This is found in the main chorus of the song, “She’s gonna bang her head like it’s 1981,”which implies that “she’s gonna dance the night away,” not caring about what is going on around her or who would think of her as strange. 

Which follows another trend from the band also seen in the album: not being afraid of showing who they are or what they do, and being able to just be them without a regard to anyone watching. One Eyed Bastard, Dilemma, Fancy Sauce, and the song named by album Saviors all have this in common. They all take what makes people stand out and have it pop in a crowd.

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