The world and its Wills


Wills is in Switzerland with her friend after skiing down the Swiss Alps

By Taylor O'Donnell

The darkness seemed to stretch for miles. The smell of mold was nearly overwhelming. Water trickled down from the ceiling into pools on the floor. The constant whirring of bike chains echoed around the tunnel.

Tara Wills and her son burst out of the dark train tunnel and into the open. It was good to be out of such an eerie passageway. They were taking a 20-mile bike ride near Fort Lewis, Washington, but that was nothing for Wills.

She has been all over the world, from scaling small volcanoes on bike paths to skiing down the Swiss Alps. Wills was even held hostage in Mexico.

She never let that deter her from exploring the world. She ventured from Alaska to Hawaii, Mexico to Germany, and even down to Africa. She learned about cultures, families, religions, and much more in each location.

But Wills loved Switzerland above all. In a beautiful, exotic, and cultured land, Wills found herself surrounded by amazing weather, winter sports galore, and an exceedingly extraordinary people.

Wills found herself to be fascinated by the politics, history and educational systems of this foreign land. But she noticed a single recurring theme.

ā€œPeople are essentially the same,ā€ said Wills. Though religions and cultures may appear different they really are not.

Traveling has greatly changed Wills and her view on life. So much about life is the same, and that is the reason why it must be changed. Traveling gave Wills the opportunity to change and stay away from a boring and repetitive lifestyle.

Falling into the same rhythm every day can be a dangerous thing. Wills suggests to all those people who are tired of their lives to explore the world. Go and see the sights. Meet new people and change your perspective on humans and the world.