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Autumn Staples

Autumn Staples

The leaves are changing colors and the temperature is dropping. That means your summer wardrobe most definitely has to go. Autumn can be one of the most trendy seasons of the year, but where do you start?


Sweaters are a girl’s best friend in the fall. Not only do they keep you warm in the cool weather, but they also are versatile. Sweaters are wearable on a lazy day with sweatpants to give off a more cozy look or they can be dolled up with a skirt or over a dress to give a more girly look. Ultimately, having sweaters in the fall is like having swimsuits in the summer: it’s a necessity.


When the chilly weather settles in, the best thing to keep your feet warm is boots. Boots can be worn with basically anything. Leggings, high socks, and boots produces a perfect combination of comfortable and cute. A skirt with tights and boots gives off a more a soft, feminine look.  With such a variety of styles and colors to choose from, why not have a few pairs to pick from in the morning?


Although fall is a time to start dressing warm, being fashionable is still a top priority for most girls. Cardigans are the best way to go when looking for a trendy, yet cozy outfit. Cardigans can be paired with anything from jeans to leggings to skirts, which makes them a must have in your closet for fall.

Maxi skirts

All summer long girls can wear cute skater skirts, but obviously the weather in the fall does not allow that. The perfect solution are maxi skirts. They are just as adorable as skater skirts, but are long enough to cover the legs. Maxi skirts come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be dressed up or worn causally. If you are looking for a girly way to dress this fall, maxi skirts are the way to go.


Scarves are probably the closest thing a girl can get to heaven during the nippy months, and also an incredible way to express fabulous style in an easy way. They are the perfect accessory to top off or completely transform an outfit. Scarves can literally be thrown on top of any outfit that is put together. So keep warm while still looking like a celebrity with your favorite scarf.

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