Huntley Prevails over Dundee Crown

Danielle Katz

Huntley took Dundee Crown in a clean sweep.

“The team worked really well together tonight,” said Huntley’s varsity coach Karen Naymola.

It was back and forth for little bit in the first game, but Huntley came out with a win of 25-13. The second game followed similarly, with an outcome of 25-18 and Huntley on top.

There were multiple good plays made by both teams. Some great blocks were made and almost everyone was on the floor diving to save the ball. The girls all came out strong showing they were there to play.

“Aleah has improved on her blocking and really stepped up tonight,” said Naymola about freshman Aleah Amelio.

Junior Erin Erb led the team with most points followed by sophomore Alyson Dion. A lot of points for Huntley were scored on serves, which shows how powerful some of the players are.

“Ally Dion did really well tonight and is always positive, even when she does something wrong,” said junior Brea Jereb. “She’s always there to pick up the team.”

Although Huntley won, they’re not satisfied with just winning; the coaches and players are always looking for ways to improve their game. Naymola thinks the team could work on their blocking, and Jereb believes they could work on talking more. Taking plays from a game and picking them apart is what makes a good team great.

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