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A new beginning


When someone passes senior Anastasia Johnson in the halls they see a girl with a smile so bright it could light up the town. They see a girl who demands the attention of  the room when she walks in, but not intentionally. They see a girl who is so nice, so caring, that it seems she has never experienced despair. What they don’t know of is the pain she has hid for years behind that smile. But why?

Because her best friend turned out to be more of a backstabber than a friend.

Because the first time she went to the school for help, they did nothing.

Because it’s just “girls being girls” is used way too often.

Because the bully’s friends started joining in.

Because she had to go away for the summer to escape it all.

Because she no longer felt comfortable at school or at home.

Because none of her friends wanted to “get involved,” she says.

Because she fell into a depression and stayed in her room most of the day instead of going out and being social.

Because she had little to no friends anymore.

Because her grades started to slip when she needed them the most.

Because enough is enough.

But her mom, who wasn’t about to lose her daughter, lifted her up; and slowly but surely Anastasia grew stronger. Through counseling with herself and helping others, she became immune to the brutal girls who betrayed her.

So now, she walks through the halls with her head held high while making a point to smile at every person she passes, because just a few months ago that was all she needed.

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