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Future entrepreneurs pitch their goods

Future entrepreneurs pitch their goods

Walking down the hallway at Huntley High School is a normal experience to many students, but when there are neon posters of orange, green, and even purple splattered all over the school, students were bound to get their attention grabbed. These posters were up on ceilings, walls, and even the cafeteria. All of these posters have one thing in common, and they are for the fourth annual Entrepreneur Day.

45 student businesses flood the commons area in front of the cafeteria, with posters hanging off their tables. The products on the tables range from school supplies, school spirit items, phone accessories, to even Christmas gifts.

Entrepreneur Day is a now a common event at HHS, and Business and Technology teacher Tricia Eibl believes that this day lets students apply the skills they have learned in the classroom.

“Entrepreneur Day is about the students being able to use the skills they have learned in class to run a profitable business,” said Eibl.  “and see if the business decisions they have made are effective.”

According to Eibl, the class that she teaches is Business and Technology, but the class used to be Introduction to Business. “[The class] is primarily Freshman, but I have a lot of other students from other grade levels take it.”

The class offers the students the opportunity to be involved in Entrepreneur Day. This day offers many advantages to the students at HHS. Eibl mentions the advantages of the class.

“Most of them do not have the opportunity to think about money, making a profit, how to spend their money, how money comes into businesses,” said Eibl. “and it is just a good hands on experience for them.”

This day would soon follow for the students at HHS, and according to Eibl she hopes it will go awesome since there will be more sections than usual.

Although these sections are massive, many students have smiles on their faces while trying to make a sale. Freshman Teddy Olszewski was selling Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Kool Aide mixes. According to Teddy, he ultimately learned to “Always be confident in yourself, and to always sound smart.”

While Teddy had a great experience with Entrepreneur Day, Kyle Martinelli thinks otherwise as he is making homemade buttons. These buttons range from Waffles and many more. “I have sold a button, and I have made a profit,” said Martinelli. “But people don’t want to buy things.”

But no matter the experience of Entrepreneur Day, it all comes down to the learning.

“So all around, it is a rewarding experience.” said Eibl.

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